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Bisleri 5-Litre Can: Drink Safe Water On-the-Go

5 litre bisleri bottle

India has trusted Bisleri since 1969. The country has had its bouts of acute water scarcity. Even Cherrapunji, the wettest place in India has faced a water crisis. What is more difficult is finding safe, pure and healthy water that does not lead to any diseases. How do you find that? You turn to Bisleri.

Free of contamination, chemicals, and microbes, the Bisleri 5-Litre bottle is also engineered to perfection to prevent spills at the time of pouring. It is perfect for carrying on your travels and will ensure that you have safe, ozonated and mineral-enriched water to drink always, no matter where you are. With a maximum TDS level of 120 PPM, the Bisleri mineral water cans are recyclable, sterilized and sealed. The water has a slightly sweet taste which makes drinking water a treat, unlike boiled water or RO water.

Pure water is important for the essential functioning of all our body's organs, while contaminated water, on the other hand, can slow you down, cause diseases and can greatly affect your health, which is why you should always choose Bisleri, a household name trusted by crores of Indians. You can get the 5-Litre Can of mineral water delivered right at your doorstep or buy it from any local store. You can also subscribe and save 5%, according to a plan that suits your needs. Buy yourself a 5-litre water bottle of Bisleri today!


Bisleri 5 ltr water bottle

Frequently asked questions-

What is TDS level in Bisleri 5 litre?

Answer: TDS stands for total dissolved solids and refers to the contaminants present in water. There are different levels of identifying the dissolved solids in water. Bisleri 5 litre cans maintain a TDS level of 120 PPM, making it excellent for drinking.

What does Bisleri 5 litre contain?

Answer: A Bisleri 5 litre contains ozonated water and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

What is the calorie count in Bisleri 5 litre?

Answer: Bisleri 5 litre have 0 calories.

What is the difference between RO water and Bisleri 5 litre?

Answer: Here is how the Bisleri 5 litre can is different and better than RO water:

  • Unlike RO water which gets demineralized, Bisleri 5 litre cans contain essential minerals.
  • Every batch of Bisleri 5 litre cans is thoroughly checked to make sure all harmful chemicals and microbes have been eliminated.
  • A consumer needs to only purchase a Bisleri 5 litre to drink healthy water.

Boiled water vs Bisleri 5 litre

Answer: In comparison to boiled water, Bisleri 5 litre can:

  • Goes through a 10-step purification process to ensure safe and clean water. 
  • Is void of chemical and bacterial contamination.
  • Is free from any suspended particles.
  • Is sealed and sterilized.
  • Has adequate essential minerals.
  • Is free from any toxic waste.
  • Possess a ‘sweet’ taste that comes from the essential minerals present.

How many bottles do one case or box of Bisleri 5 litre contain?

Answer: The Bisleri 5 litre cans are sold individually (online and retail).

How to opt for a regular subscription order for Bisleri 5 litre?

Answer: You can opt for a regular subscription for the Bisleri 5 litre cans in three easy steps:

  • Choose the Bisleri product as per preference.
  • Pick the most suitable subscription plan.
  • Get the product delivered right at your doorstep.

Are Bisleri 5 litre bottles recyclable?

Answer:  Yes, the Bisleri 5 litre cans are recyclable. Being the leader in the mineral water category in the country, we make conscious effort towards correct disposal and recycling of plastic bottles. ‘Bottles for Change’, an initiative by Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., focuses to create awareness amongst all citizens about waste segregation, recycling of plastic bottles and best practices towards cleaner environment. To know more visit

Bisleri water passes through a 10 step purification process and 114 quality tests to ensure you get purity in every sip. A symbol of goodness, trust, and purity, Bisleri has been a household name for decades. A leader in the beverage category, we are cited as the most trusted brand across 500 categories in India. Our relentless commitment to quality stands true to our promise of providing safe, pure & healthy mineral water to consumers for the last 50 years.