Our Social Responsibility (OSR)

Project Nayi Ummeed: India receives ample monsoon rainfall, however, 95% of this rain water is lost through run-off into the sea. With hardly 5% of the available rainwater being put to use, the huge wastage of this precious resource is alarming. Our negligence in making effective use of rainwater has led to the declining level of ground water. Moreover, with unpredictable monsoons, lot of villages face water scarcity through the year which makes difficult to sustain even normal life.

Bisleri’s Project Nayi Ummeed aims to conserve rain water by building and restoring Check Dams. Check Dams help store surface water for use both during and after the monsoon and also help in ground water recharge of the area. Recharge of water helps in raising the water table in the area. Availability of water ensures farming all year round and increase of agricultural yield by multi-cropping, thus, powering prosperity and growth.

Bhadalpura Barauch .

Bhadalpura Barauch .


Check Dam

First Check Damn Built Near Bhuj Gujarat, Year 2001


Sandhasal (2).

Sandhasal (3).



Bisleri undertook the first Check Dam project in 2001 at Village Bara in Kutch, Gujarat. Since then, more than 50 Check Dams have been built or restored across Gujarat and Western & Central parts of Maharashtra. These check dams have covered more than 70 villages and benefited around 8,000 families. They have helped harvest more than 11,000 million liters of water, recharge a number of wells and helped irrigate more than 3,000 acres of land. As a result, per farmer average annual income through farming in some areas has gone up by around INR 50,000 over the years.