Our Social Responsibility (OSR)

Apart from our mission to ensure access to safe drinking water for every Indian, we also make a conscious effort to keep our environment safe and healthy.

It is our endeavour to give back to Mother Earth what we take from her.

As a part of Our Social Responsibility, we have started several initiatives such as - PET Recycling, Rain Water Harvesting and Ozone treatments. We also organize several awareness programs to involve as many people as possible in pro-actively making our planet a healthier place to live.

Bhadalpura Barauch .

Bhadalpura Barauch .


Check Dam

First Check Damn Built Near Bhuj Gujarat, Year 2001


Sandhasal (2).

Sandhasal (3).



The Jayantilal Chauhan Educational & Research Trust initiated a project to construct check dams in the state of Gujarat. This project was initiated in 2006, in association with the Gujarat Government under Sardar Patel Public Private Partnership scheme.

19 check dams have been constructed in Gujarat. Many lives were touched and benefitted by this project. It led to -

Saving of 56,162 Litres of water annually
600 wells and bore wells were recharged
960 Hectares of land was irrigated

A total of 30,000 people and 45,000 animals were benefitted across 46 villages.