Our Social Responsibility (OSR)

Apart from our mission to ensure access to safe drinking water for every Indian, we also make a conscious effort to keep our environment safe and healthy. It is our endeavor to give back to the environment and the community at large.

As a part of Our Social Responsibility, we have started several initiatives such as - PET Recycling, Rain Water Harvesting and Ozone treatments. We also organize several awareness programs to involve as many people as possible in pro-actively making our planet a healthier place to live.

Our initiatives contribute to create a positive impact on the environment and ensure that they are sustainable.

Demonstration Of Breathing Ozone Through Oil By Dr. Mili Shah.

First Ozone Conference Held At Bombay Hospital To Promote Ozone Therapy

Hands On Training For Doctors On Ozone Therapy .

Mr. Ramesh Chauhan With Ozone Forum Of India Doctors And Staff At World Federation Of Ozone Conference

Opening Ceremony Of International Training Programme By Mr. Ramesh Chauhan

World Federation Of Ozone Conference, Hosted By Ozone Forum Of India, Mumbai

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a very powerful germicidal, anti-inflammatory, oxidative-stress reducing and stress relieving agent which when administered through Ozone therapy in the body, converts into Oxygen “O2” - the most important element required by our body and nascent oxygen “O”. The effects of the nascent oxygen “O”, can be easily summarized as a powerful energetic molecule that readily attacks disease-causing micro-organisms while NOT harming any human cells thereby helping in the treatment of many diseases. It allows the human body to improve regeneration of good cells for healing, and enhances its immunological response.

The Ozone Forum of India has used this magical compound and created the concept of ‘Ozone Therapy’

How do we support it?

Ozone Forum of India, an integral part of Bisleri Charitable Trust, works towards promotion of ozone therapy as an economical, integrated and complimentary branch of medicine. We have been practicing Ozone Therapy since 14 years now and with great conviction can state that it is a remarkable supportive therapy for people to depend on.

The Ozone forum of India was established in 2005 as a common platform for all the doctors who want to integrate their practice to provide better results for their patients. Since 2005, it has organized numerous workshops and initiatives to spread awareness of this low cost, easy, and effective therapy all over India. Its aim is to essentially reach masses who will benefit from this therapy at low costs, and also improve the general health and immunity of those who opt for this therapy which has almost zero side-effects, if at all.

Ozone forum of India has trained 1200 doctors across India and Malaysia; 689 of them are practicing doctors in India.