Bisleri Products

Bisleri Mountain Water

Synonymous with mineral water in India, Bisleri comes in various sizes. No matter what your drinking water needs are, You can always count on us!


Born of a clear spring, that gushes out from its Himalayan labyrinth. Vedica is the finest of what life has to offer, taken to another altitude.
Bisleri Soda


Made with Bisleri water, Bisleri Soda gives a rocking kick to any drink its combined with. Others call it a drink mixer, we call it the 'Rocktail Mix!'


Experience an entizing medley of flavours that flirt with your senses and pulsate through your veins as liquid charge. Urzza – Energy with an awesome taste!
Thunder Unbottled

Thunder Unbottled

The book, written by Ms Patricia Sethi, is a fascinating account of Mr. Ramesh Chauhan's life and times. It chronicles his rise to the top of the soft drinks business and his reasons for selling the brands to Coke.


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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

The Kala Ghoda Arts festival

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The Sula Wine Fest

Its classy, it’s chic, it’s delicious and its best served with music!

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