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Used plastic is not a waste.
It’s an opportunity


Plastic is a miraculous material that we invented from petroleum derivatives. Recycled plastic can be converted into polyester which is used to manufacture Shoes, T-shirts, bags, chairs etc., thereby causing less strain on natural resources. The only problem with plastic is its irresponsible human handling in its disposing. We recognize how well plastic can work for us & you if utilized properly. Keeping this in mind, we launched ‘Bottles for Change’.

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60% of plastic waste is recycled in India & we strive to make it 100%.

percent plastic recycled

India consumes 13 million tons of plastic every year, out of which 60% is recycled. Rest 40% of plastic majorly contains non-recyclable items like Wrappers, Plastic bags, Milk pouches, Multilayer chips packets etc. These plastics can be recycled several times but there are hardly any efforts made because of their lightness & dirtiness. They are dumped in dump yards to lie there forever and cause problems for the environment.
The plastic recycling process refers to the processing of plastic and turning it into a new item altogether. It includes cleaning the plastic, cutting it into flakes and then melting it at high temperature for moulding it for desirable use.

Source: As claimed by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, India, in their 2019 case study of Plastic waste management.

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Reasons to Recycle Plastic

  • Conserves Natural Resources
  • Saves Landfill Space
  • Reduces CO2 Emission
  • Preserves Flora and Fauna
  • Generate Employment

What is the
Bottles for change program?

percent plastic recycled

Bottles for Change Program spreads awareness about using and disposing of plastics responsibly among the citizens and motivating people to recycle plastic. Through this initiative, we ensure channelizing all kinds of used clean plastic for recycling. Thus, maintaining a green & clean environment.

Currently we are working in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gujarat- (Pansar Village), Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, Chennai. We have partnered with NGOs/ recyclers/ waste management agencies such as Parisar Sakhi Vikas Sangh, Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangh, Aakar Mumbai, Sampurn arth, Dalmia Polypro Pvt. Ltd., IPCA. The collected plastics are converted into fine flakes and use it for manufacturing non-edible products such as - Cloth fabric, Handbags, Window blinds and other products.

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What does Bottles for Change Do?

Educating citizens

Educating citizens & bringing awareness about a habitual change in using the correct ways of plastic disposal and management of used plastic.

Creating a channel and opportunity

We are creating an opportunity for plastic agents & stakeholders such as Housing societies, Schools, Colleges, Corporates, Hotels and Restaurants to send their used clean plastic directly for recycling.

Sorting clean plastic

Sorting clean plastic as per their types received from user, at the segregation center and directly sending it for recycling.

Providing plastic agents

The welfare of plastic agents by providing them with hygienic working conditions and a respectable life eventually uplifting their economic status.

The Bottles for change program, helping citizens turn towards plastic recycling.

1 Creating awareness

Through this program, citizens are informed about the importance of source segregation and cleaning plastic after its use. Various housing societies, corporates, school/colleges, hotels, restaurants participate in this awareness. Bottles for change program talks about the significance of not treating plastic as a waste because every bit of plastic is recyclable. Propagation of this understanding in people would be helpful to establish the fact that plastic is a valuable resource and not something that belongs in the waste bin.

2 How to segregate and dispose of plastic correctly?

After awareness, citizens and housekeeping staff are trained in source segregation and plastic cleaning after its use. Fortunately, every household in our country has a housekeeping person who collects the household plastic waste from the doorstep. Our model astutely uses this link to stop used plastic from going to the dump yards.

3 Recycling chain takes over

The housekeeping person of our respective stakeholders collects segregated plastic on a designated day and gives it to the registered Kabadiwala or collection partner under the ‘Bottles for Change’ program. Kabadiwala pays them by market rates for all plastic. Later, Kabadiwala sells this collected plastic to the area aggregator and gets paid for the same.

Milestones & Initiatives for Bottles for Change

On 5th June 2018, i.e. World Environment Day, Bisleri launched “BOTTLES FOR CHANGE”, a plastic recycling initiative that focuses on efficient disposal and recycling of plastic. The idea is to create a positive impact on the environment by utilizing the sustainability & versatility of plastic. This launch event was supported and graced by dignitaries like Mr Ramdas Kadam, Environment Minister in the Govt of Maharashtra, Mr Aditya Thackeray, President of Yuva Sena, among others.

Our one small step that catapulted to the Guinness World Records


On October 4th, 2015, Bisleri entered the Guinness World Records and Limca Bookof Records for collecting highest number of PET bottles for recycling, through a school contact programme reaching out to over 2 lakh students

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  • 18 Corporations enrolled in these 20 cities
  • 20 Cities Reached
  • 4295 Housing Societies reached
  • 902 Corporates partnered/engaged
  • 806 Schools and Colleges reached
  • 722 Hotels and Restaurants reached
  • 7,60,000+ Population reached
  • 8774 Tonnes of plastic collected

Change starts with you but it doesn’t start until you do. Be a change ambasaador!

  • Housing Society
  • Corporate & Hotel
  • School & College

Join the initiative

Join the initiative

Join the initiative

Download Bottles for Change app now.

percent plastic recycled

With this app you can locate the nearest plastic agent (kabadiwala) in your area and put segregated plastic in the right channel. Segregated plastic will be picked by our plastic agent and then sent for recycling.


Our partners on this Mission

  • sampurna-earth
  • dalmia-logo
  • IPCA-logo
  • aakar-logo

Do your part and save the planet!

We at Bisleri are well aware of how plastic adversely affects the planet. So while that is the truth, we are doing as much as possible to ensure we do not add to it. We, however, need to make a consolidated effort to make a huge impact. So, join us at Bisleri and be a part of our plastic recycling program.

We’ve started a ‘Bottles for Change’ initiative, which we would love for you all to be a part of. The idea of this initiative is to ensure that we dispose plastic correctly and increase awareness about waste segregation, plastic disposal, recycling plastic bottles and the required best practices towards maintaining a cleaner environment to live in and share. To optimise our reach, as a part of the bottles for change program and plastic recycling program we conduct plastic recycling awareness drives, waste plastic collection drives in schools, colleges, corporate offices, malls, festive & social gatherings, events, etc.

Unless we are the change, the change does not occur. So do not WASTE time and join the bottles for change program and plastic recycling program.


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