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Our Promise of Goodness

The Promise of 10

90 Quality Tests

We follow a strict quality control when manufacturing products. A scientifically advanced, and rigorous process is followed at our state-of the-art production facilities to ensure that every consumer receives the same pure, safe and healthy drinking water.

67 Tests on Finished Product

Why we do it?

  • 6 Organoleptic & Physical Parameters Tests are done to confirm that product is meeting parameters ilike Sensory & Chemical elements like color, taste, TDS level, PH level, etc.

  • General parameters
    25 Tests are conducted internally and by external labs to confirm that all chemical parameters in water are meeting Legal requirements like Akalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, etc. In order to regulate this, different tests are done ranging from a daily frequency to a 6 month frequency.

  • Toxic substances
    9 Tests are done through external labs, to check for presence of Toxic substances like Mercury, arsenic, Led, etc. These tests are done Six month.

  • Radio Active Residues
    2 tests are done to determine presence of radio actuve residues like Alpha & Beta Emitters in water which are harmful to human body. These tests are done at prescribed interval as per applicable legal standards

  • Microbiological Requirements
    9 tests are carried out to ensure the specified micro-organisms are within specifications.
    6 tests are carried out in house on daily basis.
    3 tests are carried out through external labs on a monthly basis.

  • Pesticide Residues
    16 tests are conducted every 6 months to check if there are any pesticides in the final product.

 19  Tests on Container

Why we do it?

  • Visual Inspection
    Labelling, date coding, bottle and cap condition - 3 tests​.
    Container testing - 16 tests (7 tests for container capacity, strength and appearance and 9 tests for specific migration of container)​.​

 4 Tests on Intermediate Product

Why we do it?

  • Fill height of FG, Torque test of FG, Ozone test of FG, Activated carbon test.​


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