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Bisleri Distributorship Program


Bisleri is the most trusted brand of mineral drinking water in India dominates the mineral water industry with 60% market share.

A strong believer in Innovation. Bisleri has the most number of SKU's (10) in its portfolio to suit every need of customer.

Doing Business with Bisleri means

  • Industry Competent ROI
  • High Earnings Potential
  • Year on Year Growth
  • Innovative New Product
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Spreading the Promise of Goodness

Bringing a change in the mindset of every individual in the country

5000 Distribution Trucks

A symbol of goodness, trust and purity, Bisleri has been a household name for decades. A leader in its category, it is the most trusted brand of mineral water in India. Having a strong presence, with 122 operational plants (13 owned) and a strong distribution network of 4500 Distributors & 5000 Distribution trucks across India & neighbouring countries, Bisleri stands true to its promise of providing safe, pure & healthy mineral water to consumers for the last 50 years.

How Bisleri Supports their Distributors

Sales Team

Partners are serviced by our efficient Sales Team on a regular basis

Training & Development

Training & Development programs are conducted to develop sales force's capabilities


Build necessary IT infrastructure set up to evolve with growing needs

Monitoring & feedback

Rigorous performance measurement systems across all levels to enhance sales effectiveness. Focus on incentivization and pay for performance to motivate Equipped sales force with new tools to increase effectiveness

Strong Distribution

Fixed dispatches as per the requirement of the distributor ensuring minimal loss of sales More distribution hubs to ensure better delivery

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