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The Promise of 10

The Promise of 10

We at Bisleri are committed to providing our consumers with pure, safe and healthy drinking water. Hence, Bisleri mineral water is our Promise of Goodness.

So, what does the water get before it reaches you? Tender loving care and more. Trusted by millions since 1969, every Bisleri bottle goes through a Rigorous 10-step Quality Process and 90 Tests, so you get guaranteed purity in every drop.

10 Stage Purification Process

  1. Careful Collection

    Collected water undergoes quality checks at source.

  2. Ozonisation

    Ozone kills the harmful bacteria.

  3. Sand Filtration

    Removes unwanted particles upto 30 microns.

  4. Carbon Filtration

    Gets rid of colour, odour and harmful pesticides. [double filtration]

  5. Reverse Osmosis

    Excess minerals and salts are removed.

  6. Mineralisation

    We add back the right amount of vital minerals (Magnesium & Potassium compounds) making our water healthy & giving it a sweet taste.

  7. Micron-filtration

    Ensures that even the smallest micron-particles (upto 0.45microns) are removed from the water.

  8. Re-ozonisation

    Helps to maintain purity and quality in sealed condition of the bottle.

  9. Careful Bottling

    Most of our bottles are blown on site to avoid any external contamination. Bisleri is bottled and packaged using highly modernized equipments.

  10. Quality Control

    Every bottle has a code printed stating the batch number, date, time and manufacturing location. Stringent quality control checks are done for each & every batch so that Bisleri’s quality standards are met.


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