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A visit to the Bisleri plant and the assurance of Bisleri ‘The original mineral water brand’

23rd Aug 2019

I would like to share my experience of visiting the Bisleri Plant. My aim to visit the plant was to confirm my trust in my childhood partner, Bisleri, and also to show their transparency to my ‘mom’ followers on Instagram.

This visit gave me a better understanding of the whole process of manufacturing a bottle of pure drinking water. I felt proud to know that Bisleri is world’s first vertical bottled water manufacturing plant. It is one of its kind in the world for packaged mineral water. Bisleri is just not an ordinary bottle of water. Instead, it is the purest, safest and healthiest drinking water. Did you know that the Bisleri water that reaches us has to pass 10 stages of purification and 114 quality tests?

10 Stages of Purification

1. Collection: Water from different sources is collected after quality tests, and then considered for further purification

2. Ozonisation: Bisleri has established a unique, highly reliable, ‘Double Ozonation Process’ that kills harmful bacteria

3. Sand Filter: The sand filter removes unwanted solid particles

4. Carbon Filter: In this step, any colour, odour, and harmful particles are removed

5. Reverse Osmosis: The water then goes through RO purification, which removes soluble solid and salt. However, it also eliminates minerals which are good for health. This is taken care of in the next step

6. Mineralisation: This stage is very important which gives an extraordinary stand out to Bisleri Mineral Water. Vital minerals, such as Potassium and Magnesium, are added to make the water healthier and sweet in taste

7. Micron Filter: This step removes the unwanted smallest micron particles

8. Re-Ozonisation: This step maintains the purity and quality of water in sealed condition

9. Careful Bottling: Grade 1 PET Bottles are blown and stretched on the site, at 100°C, which kills the harmful bacteria. The water is then filled and packed with modernised equipment

10. Final Quality Control: Every bottle has a code printed on it, stating the batch number, date, time, and manufacturing location

The hygiene standards are maintained in a perfect manner and the process proves that Bisleri is synonymous to pure water. Bisleri provides safe and pure water, which is much healthier, as compared to boiled water. Bisleri has a strong legacy of 50 years, with a commitment towards quality and excellence, while local brands do not provide such assurances. The brand has 135 plants in India. An independent survey (Brand Equity) in 2019, reflected consumer trust in the brand and positioned Bisleri as India’s number one brand of drinking. Bisleri is very conscious of the environment, In the effort to give back to nature, Bisleri actively promotes plastic recycling and rain water harvesting via corporate social responsibility. They have also developed 19 check dams in Gujarat, and also has facilities for rain water harvesting.

It is well said that we believe something when we see and hear it ourselves. I have seen and heard about the working system of Bisleri. Hence it is registered in my subconscious that Bisleri makes a promise of purity and goodness. Bisleri is my childhood friend, and I proudly say that I have passed on this friendship to my young one. After the verification of what Bisleri claims, I can say #HarPaaniKiBottleBisleriNahi

During the visit to the plant I got a chance to interact with employees at Bisleri who solved several doubts that I had related to mineral water. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. How Bisleri is different from others?

Bisleri is definitely different from other brand as it has an important stage of mineralisation in which they add the required amount of wanted minerals due to this it gives a sweet taste to the water. This taste is always the same in each and every bottle. This also makes it healthy water

2. Whether boiled water is safe or not?

As mentioned above that Bisleri is much more safe than boiled water as boiling is safe only if it is heated for 20 minutes at 100°C and also air itself has contamination hence sterilizing each and every vessel is not possible

3. Benefits of minerals in Bisleri?

Mineral are required for good health and so Bisleri adds the same making water healthy and this also gives standard sweet taste

4. Local brand Vs. Bisleri packaged drinking water?

Local Brand doesn’t have the perfect system of purification and hygiene standard such as Bisleri

5. Bisleri Vs. tap water?

I guess his question should not arise as filtered and boiled water is also not safe. It’s a given that Bisleri water is any time safer than the usual tap water



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