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Bisleri 1-Litre Mineral Water Bottle: Pure Water Anytime, Anywhere

4th Jul 2020

In these fast-paced times, we do not pay much attention to our water intake, and this leads to many health issues in the long run. Access to safe drinking water is another challenge that we face in everyday life, but Bisleri is here to change that. A household name, Bisleri has been providing safe, non-contaminated, microbe-free, ozonated and mineral-enriched water for more than five decades. Our recyclable bottles maintain a maximum TDS level up to 150 PPM to ensure your health. 

For a quick sip throughout the day, Bisleri's 1-Litre Bottle of mineral water is just perfect. Whether you are out for an interview or travelling to work, or whether it's just a day out with friends or a road trip with the family, this 1-Litre Bottle is handy and easy to carry. Bisleri also changes the notion that water cannot have a taste. Boiled water tastes different, so does RO water. Also, neither guarantee purity of water and freedom from all kinds of harmful chemicals. But Bisleri does. All Bisleri bottles are sealed and sterilized, making them ideal for safe consumption.

You can buy a case or an individual Bisleri 1-Litre Bottle online or offline. You can also subscribe and save 5%. Do not forget to check out the special offers while buying! If it is water, it has to be Bisleri. Get your 1 litre water bottle now!

FAQs about Bisleri 1 ltr water
What is TDS level in Bisleri 1 litre?
Answer: The TDS level is how much of the total dissolved solids is present in the water. Bisleri 1 litre bottle maintains a TDS level up to 150 PPM.

What does Bisleri 1 litre contain?
Answer: A Bisleri 1 litre bottle will contain ozonated water and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. These elements are crucial for the normal functioning of the human body.

What is the calorie count in Bisleri 1 litre?
Answer: Bisleri 1 litre has no calories.

What is the difference between RO water and Bisleri 1 litre?
Answer: Here is how the Bisleri 1 litre bottle is different and better than RO water:

  • During the purification process, RO water gets demineralized whereas a Bisleri 1 litre bottle contains essential minerals.
  • Every batch of Bisleri 1 litre bottles is thoroughly checked to make sure all harmful chemicals and microbes have been eliminated.

Boiled water vs Bisleri 1 litre
Answer: In comparison to boiled water, Bisleri 1 litre bottle:

  • Goes through a 10-step purification process to ensure safe and clean water. 
  • Is void of chemical and bacterial contamination.
  • Is free from any suspended particles.
  • Is sealed and sterilized.
  • Has adequate essential minerals.
  • Is free from any toxic waste.
  • Possess a taste that comes from the essential minerals present.
How many bottles do one case or box of Bisleri 1 litre contain?
Answer: The Bisleri 1 litre bottles are sold individually (retail) and by the case (online and retail). One case includes 12 bottles.

How to opt for a regular subscription order for Bisleri 1 litre?
Answer: You can opt for a regular subscription for the Bisleri 1 litre bottles in three easy steps:

  • Choose the Bisleri product as per preference.
  • Pick the most suitable subscription plan.
  • Get the product delivered right at your doorstep.
Are Bisleri 1 litre bottles recyclable?
Answer:  Yes, the Bisleri 1 litre bottles are recyclable. ‘Bottles for Change’, an initiative by Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., focuses to create awareness amongst all citizens about waste segregation, recycling of plastic bottles and best practices towards cleaner environment. To know more visit

Bisleri water passes through a 10 step purification process and 114 quality tests to ensure you get purity in every sip. A symbol of goodness, trust, and purity, Bisleri has been a household name for decades. A leader in the beverage category, we are cited as the most trusted brand across 500 categories in India. Our relentless commitment to quality stands true to our promise of providing safe, pure & healthy mineral water to consumers for the last 50 years.


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