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Difference Between Boiled Drinking Water and Bottled Mineral Water

16th May 2021

Everyone knows the importance of drinking water and the health benefits it comes with. So, there is no need for us to reiterate that. However, we have noticed that there are a lot of people who would like to know the difference between boiled water for drinking and mineral water for drinking and whether there is a difference at all.

Well, let us get the basics right first. Boiling water will ensure that you kill all possible germs, viruses, and bacteria. This has been a common practice going on through the ages. Many still follow this and consider it to be one of the best methods of ensuring that you drink water safely at home. However, with the advent of time and technology, there has been a shift in that belief where water with added minerals is better to drink. Packaged drinking water with added minerals is one such better option.

Below, we are going to analyse the effectiveness of boiling water before drinking and how bottled mineral water is different from it.

So, what is the difference between boiled water and packaged mineral water?

1. Boiled Water
It is a known fact that after a certain temperature, germs, bacteria, and viruses cannot survive. This makes boiling water an easy, do-it-yourself process to convert tap water into safe water for consumption. However, does it also mean that it is the healthiest form of consuming water? Boiling works as a good disinfectant but, then there are chances of the taste of the water turning flat. However, it is also important to note that boiling water does not necessarily remove some harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium 6, PFAS, or barium. Such chemicals might be harmful, can be removed only through the process of proper distillation and filtration. So yes, boiling water and consuming it is safe, but it might not be the safest method!

2. Packaged Water
So, what is packaged drinking water? Well, it refers to bottled water that has been placed through a purification process to get rid of the impurities. But in this process, essential minerals like potassium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate also get removed. These minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Therefore, Bisleri is one such example of packaged mineral water who adds back the right amount of vital minerals making water healthy and gives it a sweet taste. Bisleri water goes through a 10-step purification process and 114 quality tests to ensure that the water is devoid of all harmful chemicals and bacteria.    


So, in conclusion, to which kind of water is better to consume, we think that bottled mineral water beats boiled water hands down. Given that summer is beckoning, it makes complete sense for you to always have mineral water handy!

Stay safe, drink well!

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