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Drink More Water for Bouncy Hair and Radiant Skin This Winter

15th Nov 2019

From time immemorial, glowing skin and lustrous hair have been measures of physical beauty. However, their physiological importance runs much deeper. The skin’s primary role is to shield us from external invaders such as bacteria and pollutants, while those luscious locks on our head are supremely vital in the regulation of our body temperature and in protecting our scalp from direct sunlight. Taking care of our skin and hair is not only required to look good but is also necessary to live a healthy life. 

Winter is coming!

Winter is notoriously known to strip our skin and hair of their natural moisture content, leaving them dry and frizzy. The bellowing wind, the low humidity, and the chill in the air tend to irritate the soft and supple skin and hair by stripping the pores and strands, of water. The end result is dry, itchy skin and rough hair.

Let’s look at the skin’s anatomy. It comprises of three layers:

  • The outermost layer called the epidermis
  • The underlying skin called the dermis
  • The subcutaneous tissue

If the epidermis is not sufficiently hydrated, our skin loses its elasticity and appears rough. 

Cracked and inflamed skin is not only a sight for sore eyes, but it can also cause bacterial infiltration into the bloodstream. Cutaneous water plays an important role in several skin functions and ‘water deficiency’ has been associated with a host of dermatological dysfunctions. In fact, studies have suggested that the water produced by cellular metabolism is not sufficient to meet our body’s requirement.  A recent study has shown that higher water input in a regular diet might have a positive impact on normal skin physiology especially in people with low daily water consumption.

Your strategy to battle dry skin in winter? Stay hydrated! Dr. Pallavi Sule (Aesthetic Dermatologist, MBBS, D.D.V) explains, “Human skin contains approximately 30% water, which contributes to its plumpness, elasticity, and flexibility. Adequate water intake improves skin thickness and density and balances water loss from within the body through the skin and can improve skin hydration2. On the other hand, our hair needs water to remain healthy too. Water serves as a medium for the transport of nutrients and vitamins which are essential for hair growth and maintaining its strength. Inadequate water consumption can leave your hair dry, brittle, and inelastic.”

Dr. Pallavi Sule suggests the following tips to help you stay well hydrated during winter:

  • Drink enough water!
Every cell in our body requires hydration to function optimally. Drinking safe, pure, and mineralized water helps in flushing toxins from the body which contributes to better hair and skin.

  • Fresh fruit juices for the win! 
You needn’t stick to just water to stay hydrated. Fresh fruit juices also provide vitamins and minerals in addition to hydration. Fruits also provide loads of antioxidants which help in the glow.  A perfect combination for radiant skin and hair. 

  • Limit that caffeine intake
Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee function as mild diuretics, meaning they make you urinate often. Don’t go overboard with these drinks as they make your body lose more water. 

  • Consume water-rich foods
Certain foods such as cucumbers, watermelons, spinach, tomatoes, etc. are rich in water. Make sure you include these in your daily diet.

  • Limit hot water baths
A 30-minute-long hot water bath may feel great on a cold and dry winter day, but long exposure to hot water can strip the natural oil and moisture from skin and hair. Apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of the shower prevent water loss from wet skin this is the humectants effect of the moisturizer.

The recommended daily fluid intake for men and women is 3000 ml and 2,200 ml respectively.4 It is important to drink adequate amounts of properly purified water to maintain your hair and skin health. 

In conclusion, nothing screams a winter nightmare than dry, flaky skin and frizzy, staticky hair. Stay well hydrated and win the battle against winter dryness. 


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