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Har paani ki bottle Bisleri nahi! (Not every bottle of water is Bisleri)

21st Aug 2019


This quote explains the necessity of water for everybody. Water is one of the most precious resources nature has blessed us with. I’ve always considered clean water important for good health. If it’s contaminated and unpure, it can lead to serious health hazards like diarrhoea, cholera, and typhoid. Clean water is not only a choice but also a necessity. I’m a curious person who feels strongly about the preservation of the ecosystem.

My zeal to gain more knowledge about this and share it with friends, family, and readers took me to the BISLERI Plant in Mumbai. We wished to understand what makes Bisleri the cleanest and best. Firstly, let me tell you what mineral water actually is.

Mineral water is clean water which contains a certain amount of natural minerals. The filtration process washes away essential minerals like magnesium and potassium. Hence, before packaging it, the water is infused with these, making it mineral water. I’m sure you’re wondering whether it’s safe to consume mineral water. Rest assured, this water is safe and healthy for consumption.

I had already visited a couple of factories, so I had a clear idea of what to expect. However, to my surprise, Bisleri’s factory was very different. A passion to provide healthy and pure water to their consumers – that’s the goal and mission of Bisleri. Mrs. Ghosh, Director, Bisleri explained that their vision is to make a Bisleri bottle accessible to everyone. Before reaching the shops, their bottles go through 114 quality tests and screenings. A uniform procedure is used across all the Bisleri plants in India, for complete quality control. During the plant visit, I saw them clean and sanitize bottles before filling them with clean, filtered water. They have strict protocols in place for adherence to rules and practices. Bisleri’s Mumbai plant also features a one-of-a-kind ‘Vertical Conveyer Belt’ which promotes smooth supply chain management.

Post the visit, we wished to meet Mrs. Ghosh again as we were brimming with questions. She patiently heard and addressed every question of ours. I was curious about the contribution Bisleri was doing towards social development, to which Mrs. Ghosh answered, “Bisleri has adopted a zero wastage policy where we utilize each and every drop of water that we procure. Also, more than 80% of our PET waste gets recycled with the help of ancillary helpers.”

We got to know that Bisleri has explained the need for water conversation to the local administrators. As a mom who always talks about saving water, this gave me a great sense of relief.

This visit provided a lot of insight into how companies like Bisleri are contributing to sustainable development. My daughter also had fun playing quizzes and games and learning new facts about water.

From then on, mineral water means Bisleri for my family, both on-the-go and at home. It is our first choice now.



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