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I visited the Bisleri plant in Mumbai, and so should you

21st Aug 2019

When I got married ten years ago, I knew nothing about being a homemaker. I had no clue how to cook or clean. All I knew was my work, and I was excellent at it, growing year after year. After all, I was young, ambitious, and hungry for success. Homemaking seemed fit for a completely different set of people; an art I knew nothing about, nor did I have the inclination to master. But all that changed as soon as I welcomed my first-born. The moment I held her for the first time in my arms, I knew I wanted everything to be ‘perfect’ for her. Eventually, I warmed up to my new responsibilities; learning to cook, organise the house, clean, and much more. I wanted to ensure everything I did was for the wellness of my family.

That’s when I remembered that my mom was particularly strict about the water we drank or used for cooking at home. Every morning, she meticulously boiled a huge amount of water in a copper utensil, and set it aside for the entire day. I took a leaf out of her homemaking guide, but not before tweaking it a little. I changed our water consumption from tap water to Bisleri, not only for drinking, but also for cooking. Over the last few years, since we have been using the original mineral water, I’ve become a Bisleri loyalist after experiencing a stark difference in the health and wellness of my family.

My move of using mineral water, as opposed to normal tap water at home, has been met with both astonishment and criticism from various people, and I have argued my case religiously each time. Of course, not being an expert on everything ‘mineral water’,
I did have my moments of maybe – maybe not, which thankfully I had a chance to clarify with the professionals at Bisleri, recently.

FirstCry Parenting – India’s largest parenting community invited Heer and me for an afternoon at the Bisleri plant in Mumbai, where we would get a first-person perspective on how each drop of Bisleri comes with a promise of goodness! The visit to the plant gave me first-hand knowledge of how water moves through different stages of scientifically advanced, rigorous processes in the state-of-the-art production facility, to ensure that each consumer receives the purest, safest, and healthiest drinking water. I learnt new things, debunked some myths, and understood a lot more about mineral water. Of all the things, the FIVE things about Bisleri water that stood out for me, reiterating my belief in the brand, are:

1. 10-Step Quality Process
Every drop of Bisleri water that comes from the plant, undergoes a 10-step quality process. Water is checked at crucial points to see if it is fit for the next step of purification, and only then does it go through various forms of filtration and ozonisation, to remove impurities and maintain the highest safety standards.

2. 114 Tests
To ensure that the best quality product is provided to the consumers, tests are conducted throughout the process, not only to assess chemical and microbiological properties, but also, sensorial aspects of the water. And if that’s not enough, over 70 tests

3. Mineralisation
The process of purification removes everything from the water, including the minerals, which affects not only the quality, but also the sensorial aspect of water. At Bisleri, water is enriched with Potassium and Magnesium after the purification process to help maintain a great mineral balance in the body. The Total Dissolved Solids in Bisleri water is at a much better level than other bottled or tap water.

4. Double Ozonization
Water purification at Bisleri goes through two stages of ozonization. First during the initial stage to kill harmful bacteria and, again, during the final stage to add sustainability to the quality of water. The process helps make water healthier.

5. Full Automation
The entire manufacturing process at Bisleri’s state-of-the-art plant in Mumbai and all across the country is devoid of any human intervention. Starting from sorting the bottle moulds to blowing them, lining to fill, labelling, packaging, assembly and dispatch, all the process are automated, and hence, the chances of contamination or infection are zero.

I say this because I saw it. If you’re still a bit skeptical, all you have to do is book a visit to the nearest Bisleri plant and judge for yourself.

You can get all details about booking a visit to Bisleri plant and verifying all of this yourself. After all, Har Maa Jaanti Hain, Har Paani Ki bottle Bisleri Nahin.



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