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The epitome of purity – Bisleri, the original mineral water brand

22nd Aug 2019

Due to pollution, gulping down tap water or water from any contaminated source is dangerous. Carrying one’s own water bottle is a good idea, but it’s unmanageable to do so all the time because that water will get exhausted at some point, and bottled water will have to be bought. So, whenever I need to make a choice while buying a packaged water bottle, I have my eyes only on Bisleri.

Did you know that according to the Economic Times, Bisleri is deemed the #1 trusted brand in India? Well, when I came to know about it, I wasn’t shocked because the brand truly justifies it. I am really happy that I got an opportunity to discover the manufacturing process of Bisleri by visiting their manufacturing plant.

My Experience at the Bisleri Plant Visit

Being a mother, I have grown more conscious of the ingredients in the products that my kids are consuming. So, when it comes to packaged water, I have always preferred Bisleri because they are dedicated to providing safe and pure drinking water to their customers.

To be honest, I have always trusted the brand on their claims, but I never got an opportunity to visit their manufacturing plant and witness the whole manufacturing process. This time, my wish came true. There were a bunch of questions in my mind regarding the purity of the brand and their usage
of plastic – what’s a better way to get those answers than by yourself?

My daughter Angel accompanied me to the Bisleri plant visit because I thought it would be a great learning experience for her. But, children below 10 years of age are not allowed in the main plant. So, I left her in the play zone with the children of my fellow bloggers.

At the plant, we were provided with a headcover, shoe covers and gloves in order to maintain the hygienic environment of the plant. As I went inside, I saw how small and big water bottles were packaged and prepared.

It was a great learning experience for me – now, if I’m paying INR 20 for a 1 litre Bisleri bottle, I actually know what has gone behind manufacturing it!

Key Learnings From the Plant Visit

Before going for the Bisleri plant visit, I had a plethora of questions that I always wanted to ask the brand manufacturers. And, guess what – all of them were answered! Here are the key things I learnt at the Bisleri plant:

  • Every single Bisleri water bottle has to undergo a 10-step quality process and over 114 quality tests before it comes to us
  • With A-1 quality, they have the lowest production and distribution costs in order to serve their buyers better
Why Bisleri Stands Apart From Other Packaged Water Bottles

Bisleri has gained a reputation over the last 50 years as the leading brand in the packaged mineral water industry. Their strong distribution network and quality of water have helped Bisleri emerge as one of the most trusted brands

Here are a few reasons why I still prefer Bisleri over other brands:

  • The first and main reason is the quality of water by Bisleri. It is rightly a symbol of purity and goodness
  • The bottle comes in different sizes, so the consumer has a lot of size
  • Options to choose from according to their requirement
  • The brand is affordable and provides top quality water to its customers
  • The brand supports various causes associated with the environment, such as plastic recycling, ozone treatments, rain water harvesting, etc. So, buying a Bisleri bottle indirectly means you are supporting those causes as well
Robust Purification Method Employed By Bisleri

As mentioned eariler, the purification method adopted by Bisleri is a 10-step quality process that includes 114 tests to ensure the quality of the water is high. During my visit to the Bisleri plant, I studied these steps closely. So, here is a brief description of the process – it will make you trust Bisleri even more!

STEP 1: Collection of Water

In this step, the water is collected from reliable water sources. This water undergoes around 11 tests to ensure that it is fit for consumption

STEP 2: Ozonisation

In this step, ozone helps kill the micro-bacteria from the raw water

STEP 3: Sand Filtration

This step removes any sand and dust particles from the water up to the size of 30 microns. It includes 3 tests

STEP 4: Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration is a double filtration process that helps remove dust particles while ensuring the odor, color, and taste do not change

STEP 5: Reverse Osmosis

In this step, 2 tests are performed to remove excess salts and minerals to seal the purity of the water

STEP 6: Mineralisation

In this step, vital minerals i.e., magnesium and potassium are added to the water. That renders a little bit of sweetness to it, making it healthy for consumption

STEP 7: Micron-filtration

This step carries 2 tests that assist to remove the tiniest particles up to the size of 0.25 microns

STEP 8: Re-ozonisation

This step locks the purity and goodness of the water

STEP 9: Careful Bottling

This step contains around 12 tests. Bisleri makes sure that the plastic bottles used to package the water are blown on site so as to avoid any contamination of their product

STEP 10: Quality Control

After all the steps, the Bisleri bottle is sealed properly with a label that contains all the required information i.e., manufacturing date, batch code, manufacturing location, and time. They guarantee to deliver the best product to their customers

Is Bisleri Safe for a Child?

Bisleri’s packaged drinking water is an amalgamation of minerals, hygiene, purity and goodness. What else would you want from a packaged mineral water bottle? They keep a constant check on the colour, taste, pH levels of the water with added minerals like Potassium and Magnesium.

I’m sure there are many moms out there who are bothered by the consumption of water from plastic water bottles. But this 10-step purification process makes Bisleri an excellent and safe option for children and adults alike.

Bisleri is not just a regular packaged drinking water brand – it is so much more. Each drop in the bottle is clinically tested by professionals – that makes it 100% safe for consumption! The brand ensures hygiene and purity and does not compromise with the quality of the water.

All these qualities in one water bottle? Sounds amazing, right? Whenever you’re going for a holiday or a getaway, quench your thirst with Bisleri. Because #HarPaaniKiBottleBisleriNahin!



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