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Why Bisleri is the best I can give my daughter

Why Bisleri is the best I can give my daughter

14th Aug 2019

We parents have an enormous responsibility when it comes to the well-being of our children. We have to be very picky and careful about what we give them. Being a mom of 3.5 years old, I am constantly in the search of the best resources for her, be it her food, clothing, books, toys and most importantly the water she drinks. Like any health conscious mother, I used to give boiled water to my little one, since she started drinking water. This was a decision I took as I had been suggested by other mothers and elders in my family. However, little did I know that this is not enough to ensure that the water I am giving her is the purest of its form. After doing much research I found out that boiling the water may actually kill bacteria, but what it does not do is not affecting lead, pesticides or any such sort of toxic ingredients inside it, rather increasing the concentration of those in the process of boiling. Then I took a major decision and shifted my focus on Mineral water. A fortnight back I also had the opportunity to be at the offices of Bisleri, the pioneer of mineral water in India and I will let you know the in-depth knowledge that I received from that highly insightful day.

Bisleri is the most loved packaged drinking water available in India. So much so, that the concept of mineral or packaged drinking water is synonymous to the brand name. In my quest to avail the purest form of drinking water and after the tour in Bisleri premises, I could understand the reason.

Bisleri goes through a 10 Step Quality process
When we boil our drinking water, it is just one-step that we go through and nothing at all. But my favourite packaged drinking water Bisleri goes through 10 thorough Quality steps.

Primarily the water is collected carefully from different sources like underground, river etc. This process undergoes few quality testing processes and then only given green signal to go through processing.

Bisleri has established a unique, highly reliable Double Ozonisation Process. Ozone is at least 50 times more powerful and 3000 times faster than chlorination to kill bacteria and other microbes.

Then it goes through the sand filtration where many solid impurities are drained away. It is followed by carbon filtration process then where any unwanted colour, odour or toxic pesticides are got rid of. Then comes the RO process where any water soluble solids are removed. After that comes the most important step and that is the mineralisation of the water as in the process of RO, a lot of good minerals get removed from the water. In the mineralisation process adequate amount of mineral like magnesium and potassium are added.

After this Bisleri water goes through Micron filtration process and once again for ozonisation to sustain the purity and superior quality.

And then this purest form of water gets bottled into various sized containers (bottles), which are actually blown inside the plant itself. Finally after so many steps of quality assurance, the bottles are code printed with batch number and other details.

Bisleri goes through 114 Tests
One of the major reasons why I selected Bisleri packaged drinking water for my little one is because it goes through 114 tests to ensure its pure quality and taste.

Why mineralisation in Bisleri Water is important?
Bisleri drinking water goes through a thorough process of mineralisation where essential minerals like potassium and magnesium are added in the water. This, apart from adding taste also help to maintain the mineral balance of the consumer.

Magnesium consists of 99% of our body’s mineral content. It helps in bone strengthening and also improves the nervous system. It also is functional towards other health issues like headaches and indigestion.

Potassium is helpful for cell functioning properties and also help to lower elevated blood pressure.

Why double Ozonisation in Bisleri is important?
Not only Ozone helps in killing harmful bacteria but also helps in maintaining the purity and quality in sealed condition of the bottle.

Why is Bisleri water better than boiling water?
Bisleri water goes through a 10 step quality process and is sealed protectively, while no matter how we store the boiled water, its not going to be as protected as a sealed bottle. One of the major plus points of Bisleri water is it can also remove chemical contamination on top of physical contamination. Boiling water cannot remove suspended impurities like dirt or mud while the 10 step process of Bisleri water makes it free of these particles. The taste of Bisleri water is sweet while boiling water has a very bland and boring taste. The added minerals like potassium and magnesium in Bisleri water makes it win over Boiled water too.

So, fellow mommies I would just love to share that how elevated and proud I am today that I had decided the right form of drinking water for my daughter by choosing Bisleri Packaged drinking water at the right time. I am sure a lot of you have already started it and can make a difference of how it has influenced your family’s health and well-being in a positive way



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