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Mrs. Zainab Chauhan is a part of the top management at Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. She is Bisleri's First Lady and the wife of Chairman, Mr. Ramesh Chauhan and the mother of Vice Chairperson, Ms. Jayanti Chauhan.

Mrs. Chauhan has been instrumental in laying the foundations for India’s most famous brands like ThumsUp, Limca & Gold Spot starting from the 1970s. She was one of the first business women in India to go to the market to sell soft drinks and maintain great relationships with franchisees when the market was majorly male dominated. She has been RJC’s pillar of strength and the woman behind his and the company's success.

Post the sale of ThumsUp, Limca & Gold Spot brands to Coca Cola, Mrs. Chauhan decided to take a back seat from business, to focus on her passion for sponsoring education of under privileged children and feeding the less fortunate. She is an ardent reader and loves poetry, art & literature.


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