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Importance of Plastic Recycling – “Bottles for Change”

18th Mar 2021

Just look around - you will be able to identify at least five things in your immediate surroundings that are made of plastic. Look further and you will be able to name 10 more. That is just to give you an idea how extensively we use plastic. But when we use such items, we need to also be mindful of its impact on the environment. While some things can easily be disposed of and become one with nature, others do not and require some effort on our part to make them more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Plastic is one such item that needs our attention.

Need and Importance of Recycling Plastic

Plastic must be one of the most versatile and useful man-made inventions. We may not realize it but so many things in our lives have become easy and convenient because of plastic being used in numerous ways. Contrary to popular belief, it has an incredible ability to be recycled. The real problem lies in the irresponsible and careless human behavior in disposing off that plastic, causing a negative impact on the environment by getting into rivers, oceans, and landfills. If disposed correctly, it will not leave a damaging impact on the environment. If recycled, it will form a type of polyester which can be used to produce several things like shoes, t-shirts, bags, etc. hence, reducing the stress on natural resources.

India recycles 60% of its used plastic with the help of well-established infrastructure of 4.5 million ragpickers, 7500 recycle units and 1.2 million kabadiwalas. Balance 40% of used plastic lies around in the dump yard and as road-side litter because they are dirty and cannot be recycled. 

Bisleri’s “Bottles for Change” Initiative

Bisleri is one of the leading brands in India when it comes to packaged mineral water. Bisleri has come up with the “Bottles for Change” initiative and to make a conscious effort towards correct disposal and recycling of plastic bottles. This initiative focuses on creating awareness about waste segregation, recycling of plastic bottles and best practices towards maintaining a cleaner environment. The plastic collected is crushed, sold to recyclers, and converted into flakes which are then used to create non-edible products such as cloth fabric, handbags, window blinds, etc. As a part of the program, Bisleri conducts plastic recycling awareness and collection drives in schools, colleges, corporate offices, malls, festive & social gatherings, events, etc.

Bisleri’s “Bottle for Change” is active in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc. and planning to expand in other parts of the country with help of local municipal authorities. Since its launch, the initiative has helped create a difference and even made Bisleri a World Record Holder. On October 4th, 2015, Bisleri entered the Guinness World Records and Limca Book of Records for collecting the highest number of PET bottles for recycling, through a school contact programme reaching out to over 2 lakh students. Bisleri surpassed the earlier record by collecting 23,538.9 kgs of PET bottles i.e., 1.1 million bottles!


Global Recycling Day is celebrated on March 18 every year. It is a day of awareness and action, aimed at building a global approach towards recycling. When done consciously and correctly, plastic bottles and other forms of plastic can be recycled to make other usable products. It is a matter of adopting corrective measures and implementing them so that you can help reduce the negative impact on the environment and maintain cleaner surroundings. So, let’s treat plastic with respect and make India plastic positive! 

Happy Recycling!

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