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Ms. Anjana Ghosh is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Bisleri International Pvt Ltd.

After having worked in the steel industry for over 15 years, Ms. Ghosh joined Bisleri in June 2006 as Deputy General Manager, Sales & Marketing. Over the next three years, Ms. Ghosh grew with the brand to General Manager and to Director. In her current capacity as Director, she has been the driving force behind the new image and market reach of Bisleri and its consistent profitable growth year on year.

Ms. Ghosh was primarily responsible for bringing innovation to the brand and strategizing the engineering of Bisleri from Blue to Green. After the brand re-engineering the new and young image of vibrant Bisleri ensured that the company's sales zoomed ahead. The journey from Blue to Green saw a revolution of change in the perception and demand of the brand.

She is strategically and aggressively growing the brand by working on market penetration with a winning and prudent combination of backward and forward integration. Market penetration, revamping and restructuring of sales teams to increase bottling units is part of her winning plan. Her vision and foresight keeps Bisleri ahead of times and above all competitions. She has inculcated the never give up spirit in each of her team members which motivates them to take Bisleri to unprecedented growth.

Ms. Ghosh is a post graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in Projects & Planning from Mumbai University.


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